Sunday, January 02, 2011

Instant, Integrated Enlightenment Terminal

The dung beetle and the heavenly world of his own creation - a dung ball. Humble though the analogy may be ... snigger if it pleases you to do so ... the lowly insect and the even more lowly dung ball is a metaphor for ultimate reality - one that is not other-mediated but entirely self-fashioned ... by the power of your transcendental spiritual consciousness ...

The dung beetle aka scarab was an object of veneration by the ancient Egyptians.

'I' of the Dung Beetle

Like a dung beetle breaks forth from,
feeds and lives on a ball of dung,
so have I found my instant,
integrated enlightenment terminal
from the dung heap of received wisdom
piled on me from the day I was born
some sixty four years ago.
It took me that long to break through
the many layers of other-mediated cajoles,
threats, promises, betrayals,
conflicting, disjointed claims, and
harangues mixed with exemplary tales
with no seeming time nor logic lines.
Millions of people fall under its powerful sway
playing on guilt and dire punishment and promises
of untold rewards all, strangely, appealing
to the senses which were considered a sin in the first place.

A significant other is going to punish, emphasis is on punish,
me with unmentionable - and yet mentioned in the greatest detail -
forms of punishment which would make Bush's Guantanamo Bay
or Hitler's Dresden look like children's playgrounds just because
I beg to differ - a difference of opinion - from the forms
of the received wisdom. If I'm seen to genuflect
and mutter the correct formulas and mantras - the correct forms -
I'll be rewarded with objects of desire which I don't desire in the first place -
mansions, maidens and, heard tell, young males.
Hey, I just want to be a dung beetle and left alone
to roll my dung ball as I please ...
Am I a problem to you?
This dung ball, mind you, is one I fashion myself
and not given to me on a silver platter.
Don't want no silver platter from nobody ...
Just leave me alone with my dung ball.
If anyone is interested to know how do I conjure up my dung ball,
the answer is simple - it is the sum of my total awareness
which I discover for myself from experience, reading and thinking,
not repeating verbatim any received wisdom like a parrot
with little understanding. Received wisdom, in their corral or cage,
is easy enough to understand at the literal level
and it appeals to the mass mind or canary in-a-cage mentality
but placed under the scrutiny of objective studies, they fall apart.
Enlightenment is the ability to see the spiritual forest from the trees
made up of conflicting claims, life's varied events and subtle progressions.

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