Friday, January 21, 2011

Hire a Maid, Find a Wife, Failing Which, Call Up a Poltergeist

Before you go to bed,
Say these words instead,
Fern leaf, ciku leaf and rice,
Nails of cats, whiskers of mice,
Spirit of the dead,
Shadow of the wise,
From the grave, rise!
Come to my bed,
Come to my head,
Be my poltergeist,
And claim your prize!
Now you can sleep soundly
Before you awaken energized
With a ghost comprised
In your enterprise.

Source of inspiration:

baca pantun ni setiap kali sblum tido "makan nasi pucuk paku,campur daun pkok ciku,dtg lah HANTU dtg PADAKU..dtglah engkau tido bersamaku"tunggu je nti dtglah hantu tu..hehe3... NORAINI ANIE.

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