Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bull's 'I'

Bull's 'I'

There is nothing more musical to the ears of a released arrow than when it hears a thud.


The Critic in the Critter

It is not that we wish others, and ourselves, ill, but merely that we speak ill of ourselves, and others, so we may heal.

At FB, Thinking Is Optional

Caged Canary: We come to FB to enjoy and relax, not think!
Buzzard: So where do you go to think?
Caged Canary: We don't do thinking!
Buzzard: If you don't think for yourselves, then others will do it for you!
Caged Canary: Precisely, they are our think tank! We don't have to worry a thing!
Buzzard: You're not free!
Caged Canary: Freedom? Bah! It's just another name for responsibility. You're free but you have to find your dinner. Our needs are all provided for.
Buzzard: There's no challenge! You don't learn anything!
Caged Canary: We don't do those either!
Buzzard: So what do you do to earn your keeps?
Caged Canary: Take position, tilt our heads for the cameras, smile sweetly and tweet to their ears.
Buzzard: As a GRO!
Caged Canary: We are in the image and pleasure industries, no different from being an air stewardess or motor show model.

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